change is here, i am into business

nikola tosic means business

it is good to change, if you can afford it. i think people get super depressed if they do not change regularly. maybe not all people. people like me at least. i respect some people do not need to change but are perfectly happy the way they are. or they change in different ways. anyway…

i have been working on changing myself for a while. i was a designer, artist, sports person, poet. now i have became a businessman.

businessman is super cheesy. i know. after being a snobbish artsy designer guy and an elitist sports guy, it is weird to be this every day business guy. and that is why it took me a while to change.

business is like that. and when i felt it, deep inside my essence, i realized what needs to be done and i have realized i have changed, or at least made the first towards the change to become a businessman.

what is a businessman? a man (person) who does business.

what is business? relationship between people that has something to do with stuff like money, with value.

it is also about making stuff, about taking care of people, about being part of a huge uncontrolled system, about making sure people who depend on you succeed, and making sure that you depend on the right people so you do not fail and so people depending on you do not fail. it is being part of a big chain of things and understanding where you are in this system and offering something that improves the way things are.

athlete, artist and designers is about being alone and more or less masturbating on your own photos.

businessman is about being more than that. about not putting yourself in the first place. about destroying yourself so something you do not know what is better.

it sounds cool to me now and i am interested in it and i will do it.

i change my identity and i become something new.

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i will still run and write poetry and do art, because that is also what i am. everything i do is art. when i die i will write on my tombstone: got you suckers, it was all art.