chicago art show photos

interstitial neen festival

nate hitchcock sent me some photos from the interstitial festival few of us neen people took part in on 29th february. check them out here.

i woke up for that show at 3:45am so i could be online and ready to do my skype performance at 4:00am. however my testacle was in huge pain and my adsl did not work. i did not want to drink coffee cause it would wake me up too much. i wore rafael‘s tagbanger t-shirt – the finger one – but it did not show on the video. my mistake not to organize the webcam a bit better.

i connected over my girlfriend’s mobile phone card (mine was zeroed) and i read some poetry. i heard people laughing and clapping but with a pause. first they would get confused by poems and than react. on one side i wish i was there to be amongst the people (i enjoy attention so very much) but than i am happy that i had even a little bit of that experience through skype.

i am very interested in poetry readings over skype.

one of my dreams is to get a poetry reading tour – just to travel from a town to town and do poetry readings for few weeks. i wish that would happen at some point in my life. it seems like a super cool way to spend some time.

poetry readings should in general attract people who like my work and these people are always fun to be around. other kind of people that show up are the ones who expect something else and get super pissed by me. these kind of people i also meet at shows and lectures and it is also fun to be around them because they are stimulating. i just do not like when they are passive aggressive, like when they just turn their backs on me and leave or something like that. but that is rare and not fun.

anyway interstitial festival seemed like a cool place i would enjoy.

thanks to sarah weis for putting the show up, mai ueda for suggesting me (someone always has to suggest you, that’s the main thing) and nate hitchcock (great last name: to hitch a cock) for sending me the photos. i also want to thank my parents for supporting me and my psychology teacher in high school for staying after school to organize the extra psychology lessons which i requested and she was forced by law to do with me (instead of going home to chill out). thank you all the fans and everybody else who is online. thanks to the people in estonia for making skype.

thank you thank you thank you…