nikola tosic in saatchi gallery (via miltos manetas)

miltos manetas internet painting

miltos manetas ( has made a nice painting of websites he likes. is one of them. the painting is now part of a saatchi gallery collection. see it here. so theoretically something i made is owned by mr. saatchi.

miltos manetas also made the internet painting, i guess, to give us some credibility. he has been trying to get the whole internet art happening. not really internet art. it is stupid to use such a broad term – i guess neen is best. there are many other forms of internet art and they are different.

anyway, it is interesting, this painting in saatchi gallery.

btw educational sticker is a really nice project i made ages ago. i printed many thousands of stickers that look like the website and mailed them to random addresses around the world. i paid for it all when i used to make more serious money. it was, actually is a nice project. i am planning to soon do a new version of it. although it is nice to see which sites interested me back in the early 2000s.