conrad stoltz is beyond great

conrad stoltz

i wrote before about working with people.

sometimes it is hard because people are super complex.

it is hard to figure them out 24/7, million supercomputers are necessary.

i can not figure out myself and i had 33 years.

having clear business goals (exchange) makes work with people easier.

mostly work with people is just awesome.

you know that feeling when you take a little pig and it grows up and learns to fly and you are so proud.

that is how i feel when people i work with do something super cool.

it has little to do with me, but because i work with them, doing anything, i get to feel like i am part of this.

that is what this whole people thing is about.

they do the hard work so i can feel nice.

i guess that is why football is popular.

conrad is named top 15 greatest triathletes of all time (links: elite ciao / inside triathlon).

this, in triathlon world, is like being captain picard in star trek: next generation.

bravo conrad!

i wish i would be named top 15 ever in anything by any website.