the special feelings


memory can be a field of special feelings.

sometimes they are right in our face, sometimes all the way on the other side of the field.

far away. lost for decades.

special feelings like a feeling when i was six and i was playing alone in the park.

or fifteen years ago when i was driven in a taxi and i started spacing out.

sometimes insignificant moments with small changes isolated to my perception.

sometimes major events in which everything and everybody participated.


these feelings can not be replicated, they are unique, stored in our memories.

there are no words for these experiences.

without words they almost do not exist.

we can not access them easily, but sometimes they just show up for no obvious reason.

human is a strange animal, always playing with these weird moments.

reality is like a video game and memory is a small or big part of it.

it is not good to play too much?