conrad stoltz world champ


doing stuff for triathlon team is not easy.

many hours for many years… same as training.

my spirits go down, i ask myself: why do i need all this shit.

i can lose vision and see no joy in correcting stupid html errors.

i want to call conrad, gavin or aleksandar on the cell and yell at them why after three years they can not do proper image alternate text.

i don’t, because alternate text is bullshit but whatever… do not tell them this.

i can not guarantee to be super happy all the time, i get annoyed, i get down, i loose it, i panic.

i know, its not pretty, i have been around it for last 33 years.

but there is a great side to it.

i met conrad three years ago and in the first meeting it was clear – he is a super cool guy, diverse, many things cooking in there, a lot of potential…

but behind it all there was one big fire burning: he wants that world title… again, and again, and again…

every year on this day i sit in my living room and follow over the web and hope he gets it.

he had flat tires, broken bones and bunch of other stupid things that prevented him from getting his dream – that fourth title.

last night he finally got it.

fuck it is great!

i love it when fraser got his ironman uk title, gavin won hong kong, when i was there when aleksandar did challenge copenhagen, when lisa raced those last few kays in budapest and when conrad won his fourth title…

be a fan!