cycling is dangerous

head injury

i met a guy maybe 2-3 years ago, ex rower, early 40s, he joined my club and trained for ironman.

i gave him swim lessons, he did a lot of training together.

at some point we had a stupid argument, i can not even remember about what, we stopped speaking for a bit.

in the mean time he fell of a bike and hit his head.

he had a helmet, nothing strange happened, no one knows really, he just fell, maybe a flat tire.

he went in a coma.

i saw him today, he woke up after a month passed since the accident.

i saw him today first time after we stopped talking.

he was happy to see me, i was restraining myself heavily.

he lost all the muscle, half of his skull is missing and he can not speak, just roll his eyes.

this is a guy who cycled 4:50 in ironman last year and would run 200km in a week.

super strong, super powerful, happy guy.


this is a mega downer.

its super bad.

ever since he fell i did not cycle outside.

why am i posting this?

i think its important for everybody to be ware of risks.

shit happens.

never relax.

do not listen to music while you bike.

do not take risks.

ride indoors as much as possible.

be safe.

we are super fragile.