goes live!

cooking message dreamburger was online for a while now but i never really felt like finishing that last 1%, i just did not feel ready. now i finalized it and it is officially live. check it out.

initially this project was made by rafael rozendaal and me for an ad agency in la, usa – when they decided to change their website rafael and i felt it would be a shame to take such a beautiful project offline so we made a new website for it.

idea for the website is that people email these strange messages to each other.

you can pick up items and put them in the pot and cook up two types of messages: a dreamburger or a big-eats-small animation – and you can send these to three of your friends. they can also reply to you with these bizarre messages.

i like the website a lot. it allows people to communicate in a strange nonsense kind of a way. its nice art and a nice tool. it is nice overall.

i am happy that rafael and i collaborated. we are both egomaniacal and we have our own ways of doing stuff but, now when i look back, i think our talents merged very well in this project. rafael did wonderful visuals.

flash coding was done by reinier feijen.

i hope more and more people send messages like this to each other. later on we might add more forms of messages as we always left space for additional options on the knob. there is an option to sell advertising in the bottom of sent emails but it will take some time before the website picks up.

email your friends with