daniil kharms is a cool absurdist

daniil kharms

to be an absurdist is to believe human effort or behavior is absurd.

this, of course, is retarded, and as a form of philosophy is quite silly, but absurdist art can be cool and inspiring.

daniil kharms is one of few absurdist guys who are quite fun.

he was into futurism, absurdism (i guess, or was he just classified by some historian? does not matter) and provoked the pre world war two russian establishment enough to get his ass kicked seriously. but his works are one of few i enjoy. i read it quiet often, maybe once every few years, to refresh myself, just a bit, like a page or two, and it gives me energy.

(another writer i enjoy very much but read even less often is tolkien.)

daniil kharms was born in a very boring time so he had no choice but to bother with futurists and such things. if he was born today he would have so much more fun, but unfortunately he was born a century ago and those days did not allow him much success nor did he have much inspiration.

there was no internet back than!

here are some of his works.