on art history

alenxader the great

i just did an interview for some, i am guessing, art student, about neen. i made it clear i am not part of neen anymore but i still answered questions. i guess being part of it and around it for past 8 years i can answer few questions. and it is certain i will be back at some point, just like last few times when i quit.

some of the questions were kind of too confusing. combination of some student trying to be super formal and philosophical with a weird french to english translation made it sound like i am reading immanuel kant (i understood nothing). one question was about art history and i was kind of stimulated by it to think more about it.

the student asked something about position of neen in art history and it became clear to me – my works are online and they will stay online. so why care about art history when the works are always present. they are always now. i really do not understand the idea of the art history.

first history is written by people and these people are usually very judgmental.

we are told that art developed a certain way, like cave drawings, than religious stuff and than modern art. i do not buy into that. i am sure there were neen or at least neen-like artists all over the time. from 10.000 bc till now. it is just obvious they were not documented nor cared to be documented. there must have been some cool guys doing super cool stuff all over the place (time) – just because they did not mingle with someone in the courts and did not produce art which could survive through time does not mean they did not exist.

it is kind of annoying people do not think that there were other guys doing stuff besides the few who are documented. i mean, these people existed, just as we exist now, and they did stuff and thought about it, were cool about it, smart and confident. just did not care to be in someone’s book of whats cool and what is not cool.

judging from what is getting into history from our times i really do not care much for any form of history, it is no better than detergent advertising. it is easy to get documented if you do 1-2-3 things, but than again why would you care to do that if you can always be the present.

blind ambition is about history, it is for people who know they will die and leave nothing to surpass them, who were selfish enough not to let others continue something after them but it ended with them. the trick is to always be now, not before. names are not important.

fuck art history and history in general! i guess…