district 9, farenheit 451, apocalypto, platoon

watched few movies in last few days:

district 9 i liked. south africa has been my 1/2 home for past 6 years and anything that comes from south africa i pretty much like. south african aesthetic, the music, the attitude, the raw direct attack of information, is always awesome. it is an amazingly strong place. district 9 of course inspired by cape town’s district 6.

very good movie, but i would never manage to learn a book by heart. it just seems impossible for me.

i love it that they run so much in the movie.

story of a stupid guy who volunteered for vietnam. fuck he is stupid. you don’t go to war if you can help it. there is nothing to get from being in war. all the shit you learn is totally useless in normal life. if you need action to do some martial arts, some sports, whatever, get the energy out. this movie is a bit stupid cause i really do not get it why would he volunteer to vietnam… also kind of amazed that oliver stone is revealing all this war shit as if its some major discovery. yeah right, like people still think war is knights fighting dragons to save a princess.

three movies talk about meetings between european races with non european races: district 9 with aliens and blacks, apocalypto is at the end is about europeans meeting locals, and platoon is americans meeting vietnamese. farenheit is not about europeans but again about clash of ideologies.

all movies give some kind of a moral of course, whatever it is. here are maybe my alternative interpretations:

district 9 – hopefully aliens (in any form) will not come but if they do come it will be a mess and average quality of life will lower.

farenheit 451 – if you get tv and drugs, why care for books, the movie is a stupid generalization.

apocalypto – make sure you can run well and you are overall fit.

platoon – don’t volunteer for military service. stay away from war. leave it to those who are either too stupid to know better or who have no choice.