hating and loving usa

americans feel they are both hated and loved. they are strange. you meet them and they are super friendly yet cautious to see do you love them, hate them or you are somewhere in the middle. they are schizophrenic – worrying yet trying to be your friend. this must be hard but than i think we all feel like this… not only americans.

america – you have to hate the foreign policy.

it is like liking sugar or sex. if you are human, even if you are an american, you have to hate the usa foreign policy. it is just wrong. however most countries do not really get it right either, but usa is a bit more powerful or at least more on tv so it stands out.

governments of late 20th and early 21st century are still dominated by untalented, uncreative, over frustrated people who never succeeded to communicate to anyone else but their closest family and the “best friend” (and even that did not go well probably) and this is results in really bad foreign policies with unnecessary tensions of insignificant issues which hardly ever make any sense.

this is for sure better than governments of early 20th century when spoiled retard monarchs decided if 10 or so million people should die or not… but on the good side it is worst than what future holds for us. for sure the government systems will get better – they have been getting better gradually for millenniums. we will have better foreign policy and usa will also eventually be nicer (if it survives that long, i know i will not) but it will take time and it is a change for all of humanity, not only for usa. usa is never detached, it is part of everything we are.

so this is one reason why i, and pretty much other seven billion people in the world, hate usa. but it is not hating usa, it is hating any foreign policy and hating any retard with power (thats what politics of today is about) – hating uneducated and uninspired paperpushers. so people really do not hate usa but they hate current governments.

what do i love about usa? pretty much everything else.

a culture, a mixture of millions of cultures, which gave us rodeo, mma cage fights, wwe, triathlon, youtube, nba and mcdonalds is enchanting. not to forget great movies, comic books and tv series. there is so much.

yes! mcdonalds! it is great!

if you eat it you will die sooner than planned, but no one forces you to eat, yet you do. also making a restaurant chain all over the world, and it all tastes and looks the same – this is one amazing cultural achievement. i mean the management ability that went into this – mcdonalds should be a world wonder.

i am not joking. mcdonalds is amazingly inspiring.