fighting disease

starship troopers against cancer

world health organization (who?) and most the other health organizations seem to be totally clueless how to inspire people into disease prevention. it is a joke how bad they are at marketing health while in the same time it is the most important thing they could do. shows how patheticly low their motivation actually is (kind of typical for such monstrously big organizations to be super inefficient).

proper way to market the disaese would be to make people super paranoid about it. to make them think that illness is like an evil army trying to destroy us, how we are all at the state of war against these things, does not matter what they are.

such super paranoia should be presented with really cool visuals, sort of crazy animals and dragons and doctors and scientists and disease survivors should be presented like war heroes.

think starship troopers meets lotr meets medicine.

starship troopers and lotr are great examples how humans can work and how they do work. both narratives are awesome studies of human nature and should/could/would be applied in marketing disease prevention.

i sound like i know something but whatever…

i mean, media is pumping huge paranoia anyway, why not make it more nice and about something practical. of course there is always an issue of totalitarian domination (with every big concentration of power there is a problem of abuse) but that is another issue solved with another set of projects.

for now i am just saying that shitty pamphlets that tell people how they should wash their hands and wear condoms is kind of not really working, nor is lance armstrong really working, cancer is never really scary, it is not a big monster, it is something super boring and abstract, no one cares about it unless someone dies and even than people are super lazy. there is no excitement of a battle so people do not care about it.

aids pamphlet

an example of super boring health pamphlet – who gives a fuck!?!?

add some sci fi and fantasy battle stuff and prevention might go up.