marketing studies: antony garrett lisi & dean karnazes

antony lisi dean karnazes

both antony lisi and dean karnazes are kind of far from being best in their fields: physics and ultramarathon. i do not know much about physics but i do not think it is hard to figure out that lisi is quite far from mainstream and not because is a rebel but mostly because he might not be good enough. dean however is clearly far from the top as he competes in a sport where results are very obvious to an untrained eye (did i get this phrase right?).

both of them get a lot of press.

i do not know if this press gets them the cash or whatever, but they do get it.

it is not relevant what their motivation is, it is clear they are the kind of people who know how to work the attention because to get press is never a coincidence, one has to be able to make it happen – conciously or subconciously. some people make it happen, some do not.

i am sure every field has guys who are super popular yet have very few results.

this is just fine. i am not presenting it as a problem at all, actually it is a great thing.

antony lisi is making physics interesting again and dean karnazes is motivating more and more people for running. this is a very important achievement and someone has to do it. it is as important as anything, in some cases maybe most important.

thank you antony lisi and dean karnazes.

i like the title of lisi’s theory: exceptionally simple theory of everything.