fitzcarraldo, klaus kinski

i rented werner herzog film fitzcarraldo starring klaus kinski. have been watching it for two days. i haven’t finished it yet but i can say that it is a very good film.

the usual synopsis is wrong: it is actually a story about a guy who wants to build an opera house in a town in amazonia but he is rejected by the investors so he decides to make his own money by exploiting rubber trees in hard-to-reach areas of the rainforest. to achieve this he needs to move the steamboat from one river to the other over a hill.

the story and the overall style of the movie is very refreshing. i enjoy seeing little bit of it every day – i am sort of dosing it to keep refreshed for a longer period of time instead of consuming it at once.

klaus kinski is one in a billion, his impression is unique and entertaining.

its a good film, make sure you watch it.