restaurant moyo in stellenbosch

moyo restaurant chicken

just came back from a nice dinner restaurant moyo in stellenbosch, near cape town.

every time i visit cape town i make sure at least once i visit moyo. it is really a happy place. the ambient is awesome: it is set in tents around the most awesome trees. food i so and so: nothing amazing, an all you can eat buffet, it is good but nothing extraordinary. what i enjoy most about moyo is the atmosphere and super pleasant staff. buffet is good sometimes as it gives me a chance to try all kinds of stuff and not really worry if my order was good or not.

also its a rare opportunity to try things like springbok steak with chocolate sauce and edam cheese or grilled calamari with custard sauce – both i would recommend for trying but not for eating. the seafood and sweets combination is really sickening.

martina and i were with my parents, stuart barnes and dan hugo and his girlfriend ruth cherry bird. stuart barnes ( is an internet developer who escaped london to live on a beach in sedgefield, near knysna. dan hugo ( is a professional xterra triathlete whom i sponsor with some web tips and ruth is his girlfriend whom i also help with web tips for her charity project songo (

it is important for me to classify stuart as someone who escaped urban busy money grabbing life to spend time on a beach kitesurfing because his life choices are quite similar to mine: i also escaped a career to travel around the world, train for ironman and do as little work as possible.

i still do enjoy my work but it is hardly something i do 15 hours a day in a sunless office so i could pay outrageous rent and meaningless branded clothes.

anyway, we had a great time in moyo. check out