fuck fuck fuck

fuck all the hungarians
and their moustache and sausages
fuck all the white south africans
and their apartheid money and bullshit pr
fuck all the black south africans
for being such fucking spineless pussies
if you allowed yourself to be slaves
than you deserved it
you miserable fucks!
fuck all the americans
nation of fagots and hicks
who all know they don’t know shit
fuck hollywood movies
in which all women look like supermodels
fuck kids toys and cartoons
in which superheroes look like schwarzeneger
fuck pharma companies
that do not want to let aids victims
use medicine without patent royalities
fuck aids victims
if you want to fuck around you pay for it!
fuck teenage romanian girls that fuck old men
you will grow up into fat and miserable bitches
fuck the chinese
and their stupid fucking ideograms
learn english!
fuck english who have no idea about food
yet keep getting excited about eating out
fuck fuck fuck
fuck you all