serbian elections: democrats win

boris tadic

second round of serbian elections was finished last night and luckily boris tadic, democratic leader, has won but by a super small margin. out of some 4,5 million people maybe just few percent more voted for democrats than for radicals. this means there are somewhat 2 million idiots who still vote for someone like radical party.

if you are not into politics in serbia i will just give you few hints as to how fucked up this radical party is. few years ago one of the suggestions they made was to turn off internet in order to protect the serbs from the influence of foreign media. need i say more?

the biggest success radical party ever had was to pretend it is extremest while in fact they are just a bunch of losers who would probably have no idea what to do if they had to decide on anything. their only strength is to cater to the unfortunate demographic serbs who are totally out of touch with reality. they manipulate and strive on these people who have never left their villages just as vampires survive on the blood of their victims.

and there are some 2 million of these people and they still vote for these guys.

so luckily its a victory for democrats and i can come back from home from africa to serbia in few months and continue my life as before (hopefully no new wars) but still serbia is a fucked place where every second person is obviously totally messed up.

funny thing is i never met any of these people who support the radical party. how weird is that? i mean there are two million of them, they are all around me over there.

the main problem why these people are in such dark is the super centralized media situation in serbia – just like everywhere tv news and daily newspapers are full of shit. to avoid having a mess like serbia use more internet (blogs never started wars).