governments' failure?

citizen business government venn diagram

person cars illegally on a sidewalk.

should we blame that person or the lack of enforcement of the law?

government requires taxes from us.

every time we make money we have to give part of that to the government.

sometimes it is 10%, sometimes it is 50%.

depend where you are.

“what do we get for this money?” is an eternal question.

we get a lot of things like roads, schools, post, national football team…

depends in which country you are but it is more or less the same.

there are always problems in details.

especially in the legal system and enforcement of that legal system.

for example governments do forbid use of drugs but allow cigarette sales.

and for years they have clearly protected cigarette manufacturers causing damage to their citizens.

same is with the food production.

regulation on food production is mostly in favor of manufacturer.

which means if we eat something and do not die within next few days he manufacturer is safe.

the term food is very vague in this concept.

governments also do not do very well in protecting local businesses and societies in a lot of cases.

government services seem to be of value when it comes to things which we are used to.

but as soon as we go into detail and niche cases there are a lot of problems.

the kind of problems which cause maybe thousands or more to die.

it is not all bad.

governments are to stay.

but need constant fixing.

no system is perfect and it is a constant process of upgrading.

the current problem is when governments offer resistance to change.

one form of this is when they put the blame on the private enterprises.

for example: it is very common to blame tobacco, food and private military industry for world troubles.

fact is that this kind of behavior is allows by government, even stimulated by subsidies.

in most cases government knew about the unavoidable damage these projects cause and proceeded.

cases citizens still pay taxes meaning citizens pay for this and therefore support it.

giving money to someone and not asking questions is same as saying “yes, go for it. you know best.”

the responsibility always goes up.

the hierarchy of responsibility is this (1 is bottom, 4 is top)

1) citizen as consumer and therefore as victim

2) private enterprise as culprit

3) government regulators as the real culprit

4) citizen consumer again as moral and financial supporter of government regulation

in this cycle the private enterprise is least relevant.

form of a company is invented for single purpose: generate profit.

it should not be expected that companies do anything else.

they exist only to exchange products and money and nothing else.

they will follow regulation set and enforced by the government and supported by the citizens.

what is the point of this rant?

before you blame any private enterprise or even government regulation blame yourself.

you should participate in the democratic process.

best way ti participate is with money.

money is an incarnation of human interest.

if you buy government services then you support them.

if you buy corporate products then you support them too.

people who work for governments and corporations have full right to conclude they are doing it right.

there is no reason for them to think different and they should not.

also citizens are the ones who make decisions for governments and companies.

so, in the end, there are only citizens.

only individuals who make choices which affect others.