bee allergy?

i was cycling and a bee bit me on a lip.

i am not sure if i am allergic or not.

i swell up really big and fast but i never choke or anything serious.

i rushed to the medical center.

when they saw me they panicked and gave me an infusion of few medicines.

while alone i managed to chit chat the doctor into confessing.

she said one her patients died due to emergency help refusing to come on a whim.


serbian medical help is a disaster.

it is not a money problem.

it is just that they are really stupid and no one told them they are stupid.

so people die.

simple as that.

went to another hospital where i was surrounded by dieing people.

it is not pleasant to see people taking their last breaths.

i called someone i knew to arrange i do not wait.

did not want to be there.

i am still super dizzy from the medicine.

it makes me extremely sleepy and confused.

off to bed.