half-marathon personal best

this morning i ran a local 21.1 km in 1:18:42. This is my personal best so far. It is not much of a success since I knew I was able to run this result a while ago but I did not have a chance.

i hardly ever have a chance to run a fast running race during later base period or racing season since i am cycling a lot. I do not have time to taper for road races and they are very low priority for me. i usually do them after a long hard cycle the day before. anyway, now, i had a chance to taper few days and it paid off in a good results.

this result, of course, is only good for me. i am an out of season ironman cometitor just starting the fourth season of sports (since i lost 30 kg) and starting a second season of ironman training. also i still had a hard week of training so i did not manage a full taper for half-marathon. seven days before the race i ran around 70 km and lots of it close to 4 min/km pace. plus few bike workouts.

anyway, i am very glad with this result, it is good for me, and i hope to have a chance to improve it eventually. i am not doing any speed workouts so it will be hard but for someone training for ironman this is already too fast.