syd mead

syd mead designed some of my favourite films. tron, aliens and bladerunner. i was born in 1977 and these three films have been very influential on me. i would add heavy metal to that collection but syd mead had nothing to do with that animated film (unfortunately).

syd mead’s illustrations make me feel like at home, they make me remember my childhood, elementary school, playing in front of a building with other kids, no cell phones and going to the store to buy groceries for my mom. my favourite reading of that period of my life were freud, jung, clive baker, steven king and of course howard phillips lovecraft. i was so happy to learn that my, than favourite band, metallica, made a song inspired by lovecraft’s work: the call of kthullu. a book and a song i really enjoyed. this is like between 6th and 8th grade of elementary school.

the emotional reaction that syd mead created with me – i analyze it and i wish i could create this for my clients. this is absolute goal of branding. that something so silly becomes such a strong part of your life. that it becomes nostalgic. branding might be, in essence, about sadness and the loss of time.

it is good for kids like me, who grew up with so little brands, to work in branding, since we are so sensitive to it.

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