how to change businesspeople

hope and change motivational poster

people will use any weapon available to avoid change. the older they are the harder they are to change. if they establish a routine once it is super hard to change it. the more they are rewarded for the routine the harder it is to change it.

example: businessperson starts a business, figures out and establishes a system (routine) and generates profit (reward). a strong connection between routine and reward is established, and just like a dog that performs tricks for snacks, businessperson performs the routine in hope to make profit.

society changes all the time, economic atmosphere and dynamics of the market change non stop. change on all levels is inevitable. however, businessperson has been programmed not to change what works. if it works why change it? if this path through the woods is safe, why stray from the path?

if business is not changed regularly it will fail because businesses, more than anything, depends on current state of society. society is collection of constantly changing laws, cultures, media. it changes faster than nature and geography. it is so powerful that it can destroy all life on earth in a day. such change is a possibility.

businessperson needs to be able to change non stop. in all directions. always looking for alternative paths that work.

it is never safe to channel business in only one direction. the more directions the better. one fails, another one can work. business is not sports, contrary to general opinion specialization is not good for making money. sure, a lot of specialists create substantial profit but real business goal is to make most possible and specializations are narrow and rigid – hard to change.

business must also not be one person. if it is one person then it is hard to change. it must be more people, all able to change together.

always be prepared to fight resistance against change. some of the biggest changes were aggressive, they must be. revolutions. take-overs. shock works. aggression works. if you are nice nothing happens. people are too slow. stick or carrot? i do not know. maybe stick.

it is better to aggressively change someone then to allow them to fail and disappear. if they do not change they will die. everything they created can disappear. if they do change, no matter how, their work can continue living.

things will change, with or without them. for them is better that it is with them.

beware of the fake change.