random thoughts from 22nd february 2011

flying rabbits

woke up early, ate jam and pecorino and watched the brave one.

had a run on the track at 10am with a friend and client, he called in sick – headache. i was thinking for about 30mins how he should take aspirin and recover until afternoon and then run. called him to motivate him but he hardly ever answers the phone. headache is a bullshit thing, you can take aspirin, wait an hour and still do a session. i am still preoccupied if he knows this. its not so much that i wanted to bug him to do it, but i wanted to make sure he knows this. because i was stupid enough not to know this, i would panic because of headache and avoid basic medicine like aspirin. i hate medicine so i am prejudiced against it, but it does work. something i learned because of toothache (thank you god for ibuprofen!).

did the track session alone. track was covered in snow, only 7th lane was clean. one kid was running 300s, i was running 400s. i counted how many layers i had on me: five! i did 8 x 400m at around 3:20/km. at some points i was going faster than 3:00/km and it was easy. now that i am lighter it feels good to run fast without much effort. in the middle of the session i came up with a nice poem in my head. i forgot it by now. maybe i will remember. this happens often. if i remember i will write it down.

i got back home. i had some samples come in from uk and for some reason i was depending on one of my dad’s assistants to handle this. after few emails of requests she emailed me: “i have no time for your games. do it yourself.” i called her on the phone to explain this and she was even more rude refusing to handle the customs for these samples. i was super pissed off. my first reaction was to run across the street in my underwear and throw her out of the office. i decided not to bother. it is my father’s company, he can run it any way he wants. if his employees can talk like this, its his problem.

i inquired with one of the friends from the office about this person. i got information she is a bit weird, does things the way she wants, not the way it is needed. kind of ocd or something. has a kid. blah blah. whatever. i called a friend who manages a larger business for advice, he said: if i tell you what my employees do to me, or what banks do to me, you would be shocked. he was mega stressed.

i went to the gym. a fancy one. i missed going to the gym. it is relaxing. like a box with some machines and weird people. i like gyms. i did a random collection of bullshit stability workouts, mega nerd stuff, the type of thing german track runners do. all i needed to fit the stereotype were compression socks, compression shirt and a hat with ironman frankfurt logo. i like the gym. there was a guy who clearly overused every single steroid he ever came across and he wore some weird gay glasses. steroid guys are always weird.

is there anything more stupid than doing doping so you can show off in a gym?

after i worked with maja, my sister, on a client’s site. she received really badly formatted content so i helped her go through it. hours of work tripled. she was bitching a bit, but she got the job done. good!

i got an email from a client offering me partnership in his business. generous but not for me. it is too much. i must reply.

i got sick around 10pm, a cold. took cold medicine but it did not work. eventually i got out to the woods and ate some flying rabbits. this put me to sleep super fast.