i hate making choices

choices motivational poster

this post is inspired by to alessio sartore’s post “non credo nella televisione”.

i had the luck (not choice) of experiencing many different things in my life.

i grew up in a socialist country and i spent 3 months in a bombed city.

not many people in the world can relate to these two.

therefore i know something others do not.

what i learned is that not having choices sometimes is great.

in 80’s socialism there were not many brands.

i had red shorts and blue shirt. full stop.

my mom could tell if its good or bad fabric, i could not, i still can not.

we had one tv channel, then came the second and then third.

this is how they were called: first, second, third.

the remote control had numbers up to 16 but the other 13 digits were useless.

no one ever wondered what they were for.

when we got the third channel we all felt like cure for cancer was discovered.

it was one of the most euphoric and interesting moments in my life.

i am not joking.

the third channel!

it had mtv on it!

during bombing many hours were spent without electricity and other basics.

this was not bad.

if you were not hit in the head by a raging shrapnel from 10km away, it was quite relaxing.

both situations were very relaxing because choices were limited.

today, just few minutes ago i was preparing for a run.

should i wear nike, reebok, adidas or new balance shorts?

10 mins of my life go by over this nonsense.

hours every day.

weeks every year.

its a scam i tell you.

give me back three channels and blue or red shorts.

i will have more time in my life for more important things.

there are these silly theories that humans have limited amounts of breaths or heart beats.

maybe we have limited amounts of choices.

so what happens when we are spending them on media and shopping?

maybe i am just too cynical and world is getting better or at least change is an illusion.