jackie chan visits white house

jackie chan barack obama hu jintao

wikipedia philosophical definition of power is quite wrong.

i believe power is ability to create change.

i would definitely not call it “ability to control the environment”.

“create change” vs control “control of the environment”.

and i just found an awesome example of power.

jackie chan visited white house recently.

there is a photo of jackie chan together with barack obama, usa president, and hu jintao, china president.

jackie chan has the power to change the perception of this image into something funny and happy.

he has spent his whole life developing this power.

it is magic really.

there is no other term i can use to describe it.

jackie chan is like merlin or gandalf.

if i see barack obama and hu jintain i think third world war or a bunch of other unpleasant things.

when i see jackie chan there, i think: happy, joyful, funny.

if you ask me jackie chan should be everywhere.

i should tattoo jackie chan on my forehead so i see it every day in the mirror.

his image has the power.

the silly smile, silly chinese clothing style, silly faces…

jackie chan’s name, image and style are more powerful than barack obama’s and hu jintao’s.

i love you jackie chan.