i have a problem - i can not tell brands apart

i have a serious problem.

i can not tell brands apart.

i was always fearing this moment, and it finally came.

the horror!

benetton, apple, nike, hm, burton, and bmw look the same.

its same imagery, same values, same feeling, same politness.

i am begging someone to be different and smack me, be rude to me, do anything…

i need to feel something other than the generic look of almost every major global brand.

managers polished up this generic look to the point where it has no flaws, apart that it is everything.

it is the essence of what everybody want, but actually have no interest in.

it is the first version of matrix – the paradise version which did not work out.

i need brands to be different, dirty, strange, awkward.

please, i need to define myself somehow, and i need brands for it.

if all brands look the same then i am same as everybody and everything.

the horror!