i love ladies cycling

ashleigh pasio

on a more positive note i wanted to express my appreciation of ladies cycling.

i always felt like i had to be into men’s road cycling but to be honest – its not so great.

its a bit of politics, a bit of bullshit, a bit of cheating, its all the stuff us men love to do.

then i met ashleigh and i started working with her on her project femme velo.

eventually i started working with elite and slowly got more into ladies cycling.

i am far from an expert, to be honest i know very little, only few teams, races and athletes.

but i appreciate the vibe and the people very much.

ladies cycling is like surfing meets cycling, while cycling is more like football.

i do like both, but ladies cycling is more mellow and people are more relaxed and transparent.

transparency is worth billions.

i had a chance to talk to few top ladies cyclist in past year and i am really impressed.

if you want to follow sports, follow ladies cycling.

you will love it!

there is nothing more beautiful than a talented, focused, hard working and able woman.

girls are just so awesome!