i think you are bored

bored to death

i got few emails about the i left neen again post. one inspired me to particularly bullshit :) i am still posting it as this kind of “inspired” writing is always nice to document and share, while in retrospect is quite embarrassing.

the subject of boredom and boring is also very important. what is boredom anyway?

here goes:

i think you are bored..too much time on your hands/which i understand

i would not say i have too much time but rather that i think too much about things which are not of immediate need. i think even if i was working in a coal mine for 25 hours a day i would still think same. just how it is. people always think bored is related to the quantity of free time, i think its related to the attitude.

also i would not say bored. i am super entertained. its just how i am. these things are important to me. i think about it in such a way. someone likes to make matchstick buildings, someone does math, some people like sex, i like these things, whatever it is. not boredom, actually opposite – interest.

but i can understand why you think its boredom and related to excess free time.

also the whole idea of free time – i do not know what that is. all my time is free time. i only have time i have. its a strange phrase: too much time on your hands. we all have the same time. i dont know.

whatever i do i feel same. i think if i was in a hole under ground i would feel / think same. i can not recognize difference. things are mostly always fun.

your comments made me think about some of this stuff.

i have never been in a hole in the ground or in a coal mine for 25 hours, but i am fairly confident i am correct. :)

i dont think boredom is related to quantity of free time one can be bored with no free time.
but when one is bored with too much time..
the mind will always use up the time in some way…as you have so beautifully articulated ;-)