(i :) you .com) crazy monkey banana is a silly little blog i made to keep myself busy for few minutes every day. i hope that can keep me and some other people smiling. check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions. it is a bit weird but it needs some time to develop (work in progress). it is like my odl humor site but easier to publish.

i am very much into humor, i enjoy it a lot, i think if i could do jokes and pranks all day i would do it. it is like a drug. if there is paradise it certainly is full of laughter and sick jokes 24/7. laughter and humor are so unique and strange yet awesome and addictive. i want it all the time. and everything should be happy and funny.

this website is an excuse to create a daily routine of humor for myself, and hopefully for few others.

web is of course full of this kind of websites – the more the better!

i think people trash george bush too much – he has been such a model for so many jokes that he trully deserves a thank you website from me, and i might make one soon. billions of people laughed at his fuckups no matter how scary it is that a man in such position of power is so weird.