stupid useless negative thoughts

guernica picasso painting

i got carried away last few days with some useless negative thinking:

i am annoyed by navy and military marketing at ironman world championship – i am super anti military and i do not like when military is advertised. if there ever was an issue with false advertising it should be military advertising – they never actually say you are expected to kill people.

i just read that 1 in 1000 people who are under anaesthesia are actually awake and 10% of those can even feel pain but are unable to do anything about it. this just makes me want to train more so i am healthy and i hopefully will not need surgery and i die of old age instead of disease.

this information is very scary to me.

but i will have a run now, than have some coffee and see a movie so that will push me back in positive mode. internet can be such a downer sometimes.

actually it is not internet, it is just that i had a really slow and lazy day, did not move much, online most of the day, it is just one of those slow days. i have client work that i wish to finish but ideas are not coming in and i do not want to work without proper inspiration.

i will see how much the run helps, it should be good.

i made a stupid joke website so i stay on top of funny stuff online – that is cool – (i:)u).

now that i added guernica as an illustration i really resent how indirect it is. i mean, picasso is kind of disappointing. he should have made that painting way more direct but than he would step into taboos and people would not like him so much. picasso is very boring. one guy for whom i might not make a thank you website (not that he cares).