a good friend of mine is in love with an israeli. he is 25. he spent several years in the army and, as far as i could guess, he was in combat and has killed people.

i am just super pissed that any government would make people or actually kids kill other people. it is amazing that people anywhere still fall for this crap – that they should go and kill someone just because the government says so.

i think it is enough that governments take taxes and “loose” most of that money on bullshit thanks to corruption (don’t kid yourself that if you live in the west that this does not happen). this is super annoying but when compared to goverments that send children or men or women to kill other people is super crazy.

in serbia we have had our share of wars. thre wars over a bit more than a decade. people are super tired of war and this is the best lesson ever to be learned. i am so happy that many people now in serbia have no romantic ideas about going to war – most are very realistic about the whole bullshit. i think most were just that some wanted to try it out a bit, had some “fun” and now its over and done with. there will always be some rotten apples who are hooked on killing and combat but most of us want to distance ourselves form it as much as possible.

however some nation/people/countries seam never to get tired.