swimming improvements

for three years now i have been trying to learn how to swim fast. i had some improvements but very little ones and i was not satisfied. finally these days i had a breakthrough.

i discovered gliding.

as my coach kept telling me that i should glide i could never get that happening. it was very hard for me to do the movements that were needed to achieve this. i always knew the theory but it took so much time for this theory to become practice, to become something that i can feel and do, something that almost is subconscious now.

swimming, like most sports stuff, is an awesome metaphor for everything else. i guess this is why sports are so popular. they accelerate learning and generate wisdom.

swimming also is a form of meditation. i think people do not need to look for eastern forms of meditation when something like swimming is readily available around the corner. i agree there are no movies made about swimming and tibetans have done much more marketing but i would still recommend swimming over most other forms of meditation.

it is great to glide. next step is to generate enough power and gain speed with gliding because i am still slow. but i have to be first slow and than fast.