joel fox at neen church

i have a tradition to take all my neen guests to a gardos, a tower in north art of belgrade called zemun. everybody graffiti tagged their names on this building which is a national cultural monument or something like that. see the photos of the neen church from a year ago here. there was also a lot of other graffiti so eventually the government got quite pissed and i saw this night that they deleted all the graffiti.

i am sorry to say that graffiti by rafael rozendaal, miltos manetas, nicola colombiani, isabelle arvers, steven schkolne and others have been deleted. some of the graffiti has remained on the door of the tower. see the photo here.

joel fox had a chance to make his own graffiti but he did it on the door as well. we did not want to be the first ones to do graffiti on a clear white walls of the gardos tower.

anyway, change is good.

we had a stroll in the local cemetery later on.