online boredom

people are super bored most of the time. it is hard to get excited or to find things which we are passionate about. once you find them you should really stick to them no matter how impractical or silly they are. this is an obvious problem of living now in this enormous saturation of everything.

you would have to be isolated in some mountain village of asia to develop modesty when it comes to life goals and entertainment. maybe this is only my problem but i would not say so. i think its how humans are designed.

based on this i was thinking about how bored people are online. actually not only online but with most media. people consume information as a routine and out of extreme boredom. for example tv is so enormously boring, it is hard to get truly interested in anything. out of thousands of channels and shows and opportunities to get interested in anything i think only 0,0000001 % ends up being remotely interesting to viewers and even that quickly looses its flavour.

print media is not different. it is the biggest routine ever. it can only work if you are really really really bored so newspapers are less boring than your regular boring life. again, there is hardly anything in newspapers or magazines that can keep your attention for long. long being a period of time other things preoccupy you.

internet could be the ultimate brainwasher. you just sit and browse. watch retarded videos, read amateur and badly spelled blog posts like this one and chat about nothing to a bunch of other really bored people. i am guessing many people have no clue what to do online but they think they need to do something or that they need to be online in some kind of form.

i think these people just routinely visit sites they’ve been visiting for ages. or at least always similar sites. they don’t explore which is something we all got from print and tv media over the decades. these two media do not offer any exploration whatsoever. it is hard to imagine the adventure in flipping channels or buying another women’s magazine. its all same crap.

so media is quite boring. people that make and consume media are boring. or bored. and its all half assed.

i would not say that things need to be different. this is just one point of view.