jorgen asklin interview

jorgen asklin

it has been ten years since i got my first proper job and person who hired me is jorgen asklin who later become a partner and a weird friend. we sometimes do not speak for years but i know he is out there doing his things (jazz websites right?). i was hoping he would say some crazy nasty stuff about me but he ended up giving me a bit cheesy answers… here goes…

describe yourself?

i’m a 43 years old guy with a love for entrepeneurial projects of all kinds. right now, i’m however employed at a large it-consultant company, altran, living and working in göteborg, sweden.

i’m divorced, got two daughters, 3 and 7, so i got my sparetime all set and taken care off. love being with them.

i also married anette this summer. never thought such an amazing thing would happen to me. never expected that love would hit me in such a deep and profound way.

its a decade since my first job and you gave it to me, are you crazy?

i was working in icon medialab italy, hiring people, and your application really stood out(among other things, a great cartoon). i thought we needed some creative force and with the courage to step out and believe in one’s own ideas:-) and so it was. you did some great things there.

whats next?

what’s next? well, kids and work. will not focus on much else until the kids get a few years older.
would be great to hang out with you sometime again, and maybe do a project or two in the future.
got plans and ideas, but not enough time at the moment……