something new contemporary art show chicago

something new contemporary art show

sarah wies and i have started preparing the second edition of something new contemporary art show.

something new 2nd edition will take part in chicago on 11th november, 2009.

check for more information.

things to consider:

1 ) something new is for everybody. it is not only for people who have made art before, but it is also for people who will make art the first time.

2 ) most probably you will have to make something new for something new… meaning that due to particular nature of the event it is hard to send us a piece you already produced.

3 ) i advise that you do not overthink your art piece, do it quick and easy. sarah is there to help, me too, we will find more people to help out although that should not be necessary. just make something simple and fun, no need to go into extremes.

4 ) mostly art people are totally annoyed by lack of gallery / museum / any form of institution which owns a building. there are no buildings or institutions… this does not mean that if you can not involve one, please do if this is part of your art piece, it is only that we do not provide one. it is up to you. our service ability is deliberately low and mostly based friendship and philosophy.

5 ) the show is intended to stimulate individual independence, therefore do not depend on us. you have a location and time limitations, everything else is up to you.

at least these are my notes about the event, i am sure there will be many other interpretations, the event itself is an experiment for me and i am very interested in which direction it will develop in next couple of decades.

spread the word around…

ask your friends to do art, people who never did art, they sometimes do amazing stuff.

thanks for the support.