karf oolhu interview

stellar annihilus darque empire karf oolhu

few words about you: age location gender job whatever?

hi, name’s fedde ( aka karf oolhu ), i’m an over fifty yr old guy, who’s still feeling young. i live in brisbane, australia, and spend my worktime involved with network planning and design for telstra. i’ve done ( and survived ) all my hard partying and playing around time, as well as a marriage – so now days i try to keep things quiet, enjoy fiddling around with legos, and some laid back socializing.

what is darque empire?

a theme i’d started early in my flickr lifetime, generated by the presence of other lego “factions” i’d come across and black fantasy.

it’s an ancient vast empire, controlling near all of it’s home galaxy – they wont take everything, they enjoy the constant presence of potential rebellion and the handy torture victims that result. they also have strong inroads into most of their neighbouring galaxies.

what makes them so dangerous and their empire so consistent and seemingly everlasting, is the fact that their personal home system had been transported entirely into what they called the nullspace – that transitory moment between past and now, and now and future. it doesn’t exist as such, but it is the potential of future turned to past, an “existence” they discovered while experimenting with time travel. firstly, they ensured that they could “lock” it from the inside, then moved, lock stock and barrel into it (discovering that physically it was a one way trip). now inviolate from any possible assault or invasion, they were secure to run their empire. amazingly they realised that here in this null void, they did not age ( nor did they die or breed ) perfect stasis, how those cold old darque lords loved that.

they quickly worked out that they could still project hardlight copies of themselves back into the real world, fully capable of physical interaction and so, still personally run the empire without fear of the consequences of loss – they’d erase the copy, and project a new one elsewhere – doesn’t matter whether they lose a battle or war, they simply wait until new forces can be amassed somewhere else within the empire, ten years or a hundred later, in the end they get what they want, simply because they can outwait you,

if i had billion dollars what would you make?

a lot more money probably, but you mean legos.

first thing would be to invest in the right technology to help lego survive in the open, i.e.. sunlight and bad weather. then start building a full scale castle and accompanying village, mages’ tower, trees and flowers, dragons and whatever else took my fancy suitable to the theme – i’d invite as many fellow legoites as would like to come and join in ( accommodation and return airfare all paid for ).