dylan lewis animal sculptures in stellenbosch

dylan lewis cheetah

i am not into animal sculptures. i mean, i never had much contact. current art offering is so big and i was never a fan of consuming too much art, so i narrowed down my interests on most basic things which have most impact on me. closest i got to sculpture is rodin in paris, i really enjoy his work, especially that door to hell, that is amazing.


now that i am in stellenbosch and most major intersections have a sculpture by dylan lewis, a local sculptor, i had no choice but to experience this art form day after day and i grew to appreciate it a bit more.

my first impression was that a place like stellenbosch definitely could use a more controversial art in the streets. i mean stellenbosch is the most escapist isolated place on planet: while you sit in caffes and sip espressos and overpay for steaks and fish dishes, mingle with cheer leaders and rugby players, live in huge houses with pools, few hundred meters are thousands of people living in super fucked up conditions. it is like 1 min by car difference. amazing!

so i thought there is need for art to shake this up a bit, maybe something to remind people how really weird this place is. not bad, i mean, can i say this is bad, i do not know, i guess it is but that would be boring to say, but at least to explore this unique social structure, this human ability to be so paranoid.

so i was very annoyed by sculptures of running cheetahs. i mean, it does not say much, or teach much.

but it grew on me. dylan lewis (dylanlewis.com) stuff is pretty and i think pretty after all connects everybody and everything. it is an absolute. it is cool. it is something a super fucked up black guy from khayamandi and a super rich white investor from stellenbosch center can both appreciate (im using blunt stereotypes for the sake of the effect).

anyway, nice to experience different things sometimes, like this super conservative yet pretty art.

i like artists fingerprints in the sculptures, thats a nice touch.