last minute copenhagen shopping: d&g pants and amazon kindle

amazon kindle 3

i was in copenhagen for few days and i spent most of the time

1) on a small couch

2) bus

3) meeting room at challenge copenhagen

4) whatever coffee / carbs source i stabled upon

only few hours before my flight i had a chance to check out the shops.

(shopping always priority over culture and such things.)

i was lucky to catch an amazing 50% sale at illum d&g stand.

additional 15% tax free helped to reach around 60% discount.

i got two pairs of d&g chinos and they are super comfortable.

i have a really big ass so i am always in need with pants that fit it well (very hard).

i think me and coco share a problem here.

another good buy was 15min before boarding – amazon kindle 3g.

really happy with this. it is super cheap (got 20% off the price thanks to tax free) and works really nice.

i can even use it for email and music.

i really hope to stimulate my book reading with kindle, i neglected it recently.

already got a ton of stuff on it to read.

shopping is awesome! it works miracles!