27th june, 2011 in kindle shopping

amazon kindle 3 ad

in last 24 hours i bought following on kindle:

– six sigma for dummies

– harvard business review subscription

– the 22 immutable laws of marketing

– the 22 immutable laws of branding

– positioning: the battle for your mind

– the origin of brands

– marketing insights from a to z: 80 concepts every manager needs to know

obviously i have my mind set on one thing… flower arranging?

some of these i already have in paper, i just had to have it on kindle as well.

kindle is amazing.

buying it is like paying to enter a shop.

imagine if you had to pay 10 euros every time you wanted to enter a supermarket.

that is kindle.

only thing you can do with it is buy from amazon.com.

and people do it. i do it.

what can i say… good idea.