mobile phone functionalities

i have been using mobile phones for some 15 years now.

during this time i have seen so many ads about mobile phones and new stuff and such stuff.

and all i can say:

gazillion dollars of research & development and it comes down to facebook photo of your friend, twitter, calendar (yeah!), weather and stocks.

how many times have i used calendar, weather and stock info on my cell phone in last 15 years? 0.

i do internet consulting but when day comes that i check twitter and facebook while im out of the office (corner of my living room, just next to the guest toilet), i will switch to gardening.

i still use a 25 euro phone (i buy like more at once cause if i break them i do not care) which does 99,9% of stuff iphone does.

message to the gadgets / device / whatever industry:

if you can not come up with anything better than weather, calendar, twitter and facebook image of your best friend in 15 years than it is good you are not in health.