restarting ironman

my ironman season has been a disaster in terms of results. lots of suspicion of being overtrained.

so i am currently on a break trying to get fat, lazy and rested. lots of food, lots of sleep, lots of good wine and massage.

trying really hard not to swim, bike and run… this is quite hard actually as it was my daily routine for past 6 years.

in order to divert myself i took a friend’s advice and took on krav maga training.

first time this friend showed it to me i got my lip cut and my legs bloody.

second time i went for a formal lesson and i woke up with pain all over my back and neck and legs. no blood though.

i learned to kick people in the balls and take their eyes out – might come in handy.

overall its an awesome strength workout especially when a big fat greek is holding me back while i was trying to run into a wall.