most important thing in life ever is...



what is the most important thing in life?

what is that one thing you first need to have?




most important thing in life is ability to solve problems.




problem is an opportunity for improvement.

improvement is anything which is better.

better is both objective (faster) or subjective (tastier).

better is what we all want.




if you know how to solve problems, than you are lucky.

life should be easier for you.

unfortunately, we are not thought general problem solving methods.

we are taught how to solve ultra mega specific problems, like math or driving.

but we are never taught how to approach any problem and be able to solve it.




many get seriously frustrated because they can not solve problems.

and there is no one to help them.




here are some tips:

first reaction to a problem is usually a negative emotional influence

if you try to solve a problem under this influence, it will be harder

to eliminate this influence, gather information about the problem and how others solved it




divide the process in followings steps:

step 1) define the goal (what the actual desired solution of a problem is),

step 2) learn more about the problem and how others solved it (do not be afraid to ask),

step 3) design the solution (visualize it, draw it, or write it down),

step 4) implement the solution (just do it),

step 5) check if goal is reached, and if not start over.

rushing and skipping steps never leads to good.

hope this helps.


(thank you ivan for teaching me how to solve problems better!)