new year 2011

some random stuff to welcome the new year:

new year motivational poster

darth vader no sense motivational poster

i must go motivational poster

i am famous motivational poster

random ideas about 2010:

south park is awesome

i will try to write more poems

after seven winters in africa, i really miss winter and snow

a lot of famous people died this year

i am switching back to cheapest phone in the world – nokia 1202 (its only 30 euros!)

i bought a 200 euro netbook for my dad which he does not use, but it was so cheap i just had to buy it

also im super excited about other cheap phones coming up, just saw a samsung smart phone with touch screen for less than 90 euros in a supermarket, sold next to candy.

excited about super cheap stuff like netbooks and mobile phones, h&m clothes and free stuff online. cheap and free is the new black.

if you want to look great do not spend money on clothes, but loose weight

angelina jolie just looks super anorexic, how did she end up being a sex symbol, she looks sick!

my business grew great, next year even better, financial crisis is the time to sell sell sell

looking forward to greece this summer!

happy new year!