what is good?


one of the most important things in business (or life) is to know what is good and what is not good.

this is not easy.

it takes a decade to develop a proper taste in a particular thing.

what is a good car production process?

what is a good cheap pen?

what is a good elevator button?

what is a good design for a money bill?

who is a good software supplier in pakistan?

in dealing with people who do not have a developed taste strategy is simple:

increase whatever is the most obvious and immediate quality.

usually things which are cheapest.

example of this is increase in sugar, salt and fat in fast food, or violence and sex in films.

in business people increase friendliness, support, and other cheap things.

you should demand more.

if you are not able to tell what is good and what is not good

you might also make decisions based on character and not quality.

a nicest person or a best friend can offer a disastrous quality which can slowly but surely ruin your business.

the strangest supplier can provide a solution which can make a difference.

character and relationship have little to do with the quality of the product.

character and relationship are matters of perception, part of marketing.

product (or a service) is part of engineering.

marketing is communication.

engineering is a solution.

two different things.

product is product. it must work. it must be best you can get.

if someone tells you it works but it does not work then this is not good.

all the advertising, sales and crm will not help if the product is not good.

taste is everything.

how can you develop it?

it takes years of work…