nice guys finish last

white cross motivational poster

today i run belgrade “white cross” running race.

it is an 8km (8 x 1km loop) over a hilly snow and ice route.

i thought this was a recreational run with 100s of runners.

i planned to run it easy and then proceed with my usual sunday long run.

only at the start line, some 30sec before the start, i realized that this is a serious athletic competition.

there were only 30 or so elite runners, all psyched up.

national level runners from serbia and surrounding countries.

my thought was: fuck! i will be lapped like five times.

i was in my training pants, i almost had an ipod, i had training shoes and i just came out of a 90km week.

even if i wanted i could not keep up.

i noticed one guy who also made the same mistake and i said hi to him.

it was good i was not the only dork.

the race was fun but i was lapped already on 3rd lap and again on 6th lap.

the judges could not imagine i was so slow.

they kept telling me i am on my last lap twice but i kept saying: sorry, more laps to go.

most of the race i could not even run properly but had to stay away from the path so elites would pass me.

the path was super narrow and i did not want to ruin their experience.

i did not want some national champion telling stories how some dork (me) ruined his win.

i had fun though.

i think i was not last, one or two guys were behind me.

the race was ultra hard, the snow was super bumpy and very hard to run on.

i managed 20km today.

80km in last 7 days.

feeling a bit tired.

on the other side of the globe conrad stoltz won the first race for triathlon team.

good luck to angela running miami half-marathon.