working with people

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my work has always been with people.

i offer services to people, and these people pay me for that.

i am currently offering my commercial services to 48 people.

i have two brands which represent these commercial interactions: bams and axslz.

in both cases i have to figuring out something and then explain it to those people so they save some time.

its a simple formula!

not everybody can do everything.

these people are in usa, serbia, germany, france, italy, denmak,

belgium, netherlands, south africa, ireland, sweden, canada, uk and switzerland.

in last 18 months i increased my knowledge i redistribute to these people.

i also learned how to be more efficient in my communication.

i believe i am at maybe 20% of my capacity.

as i increase knowledge and efficiency capacity used will get even lower.

capacity means getting tangible results for these people,

meaning that what they pay for gives results.

so exciting! :)

working with people is sometimes very challenging but also extremely rewarding.

from one side people are unpredictable and complex

and dealing with so many people on regular basis, constantly requires specific focus.

sometimes i have six one-hour meetings in a day!

on the other side, even very often, i make a positive change for someone

and there is no better feeling.

some people made money, some lost weight, some got a bit more love…

i love my work because i designed it myself to suit me perfectly.

thank you!