olympic games bejing 2008 website

it is amazing that chinese governent has spend more than 30 billion usd (yes! that is billion, with nine zeros) on the production of olympic games yet their website looks like its done by a half drunk teenager for 500 usd.

the fact that their logo on top left is a badly optimized jpeg with that annoying blur (ever heard of gif?) makes me think how someone in china charged like few million usd for this website and than made it in one night just before the deadline.

i am sure a lot of money went on the backend making it work technically but the quality of content and execution is shameful.

if chinese government needs someone to figure out how to do stuff online they can get in touch with me – nikolatosic@gmail.com. ill probably charge them few zeros less and it will at least look like its made in this century and will have all necessary information (easy to use).