studio ghibli - totoro rules!


so far i have seen laputa, porco rosso, mononoke, spirited away, howl’s moving castle, and i am watching totoro tonight.

i have to say i am totally in love with studio ghibli works and at some point in my life id like to work with them in some way. the stories they write are awesome, ideas, aesthetics, narratives, everything… pure perfection. i am happy to live in time when i can see studio ghibli works just before i fall asleep. maybe if i visit japan for ironman japan i can get in touch with them and beg them to do their blogs :)

what is it that people get so crazy about anime stuff – especially totoro – i do not know. i just love it. i am not a hello kitty fan, i am not into whatever else is there to be into (besides ironman and blogs), but i am into totoro.

maybe i can get a totoro helmet for ironman races – if it leaves speace for my sponsors (actually a sponsor) and is aerodynamic than it is doable.